Booster Club Meeting Minutes

Booster Club Minutes – 4/4/17

Attendance:  Tom Campagna, Rick Kapinos, Crystal Lizana, Kelly Blasé, and Laura Domash

Tom gave an overview to new members Rick and Laura about the Booster Club.

1.  The minutes from the 3/16/17 meeting were unanimously accepted.

2.  Financial report accepted. Looks like everyone is in the positive.

3.  No update on scoreboard.

4.  Hall of Fame banquet is also an appreciation dinner for all athletic coaches.  Kelli Holt still needs more volunteers to make baskets.  Baskets need to be done by May 1st.  Banquet will be on May 12th @ Ludlow Country Club.

5.  Calendars have been given out and seem to have been going well with the players having to sell a minimum of 3.  Money is due Friday of this week.  Tom explaining to Rick where the money comes from for new uniforms.  Typically each team raises money for uniforms, equipment and other items in addition to what is purchased by the school.

6.  The winter season sports award ceremonies are pretty much all done.  Each team gets $150 from the raised money for their end of season party.  Cheerleading had a great end of the season ceremony, it was in the cafetorium.  Still waiting for the boys’ varsity and JV basketball to have theirs. Looks like them will be having them on Friday in student life period.  Wrestling team is having there gathering on school vacation.  Teams seem to like having their own ceremonies.

7.  Senior jackets have been ordered.  There were 47 jackets at $57 each which totals $2,679.

8.  The girls Varsity Cheerleading team made it to the Western Mass Championship.  The team will be added to the school banner with the other teams that are already on there.  Booster club will be giving the team $500 to transfer into their account for becoming Western Mass Champs instead of having a ceremony since there end of season party was so spectacular.  Basically nothing could top it.  So it makes sense just to deposit the money.

9.  Tom has secured the soccer and volleyball teams for Homecoming on September 30, 2017.  Will be working out details to see if Cross Country will be there as well.

9.  The only thing for new business is that we need to get more information out to the parents about coming to the booster club meeting.  Laura will be making invitations for the booster club meetings to give to the coaches.  Other than that we didn’t have any other new business.

10.  Next meeting: May 2 @5:30