Booster Club Meeting Minutes

Booster Club Meeting Minutes
May 10, 2016
Attendance: Tom Campagna, Kelli Holt, Bob Jerard, Crystal Lizana, Lynn Poehler, Angie
1. The minutes from the April 12th meeting were unanimously approved as submitted.
2. The financial report, as prepared by Crystal Lizana, was unanimously accepted.
3. The Hall of Fame committee provided the following updates:
      a. Damani Brown, Alexis Chappell, Jaimee Collins and John Williams, III were elected            to the Hall. Raven Harris and De’Jour Washington were selected as Heart Award
           recipients. Dan Sullivan and Martha Vivian were elected to the Hall as coaches.
      b. The dinner will be held on June 12th at Ludlow Country Club. Reception begins at
          6:00 PM with dinner being served at 7:00 PM. Tickets are $20 each and include $5
          worth of raffle tickets. Coaches, inductees (and up to three guests) are admitted
          free of charge.
      c. A raffle will be held and we are actively seeking donations of “gift baskets” to use as
4. Senior jackets ($55 each) have been ordered from Whips Sporting Goods and will be
distributed at the Spring season athletic award ceremony.
5. The spring season award ceremony date has been set for 6/13. Refreshments at 5:30 PM.
6. Homecoming is beginning to take shape as games for jv and varsity boys’and girls’
soccer have been finalized for the 9/24 event. Student Life will use the event to kick-off
their school spirit week.
7. A discussion on the fall calendar raffle was tabled because Todd Fairman was absent.
8. Next month is the annual meeting and a call for interest in new members and club
officers was presented. A vacancy for secretary currently exists, although it is hoped the
other officers will continue in their current positions.
9. The next meeting was set for June 9thand the meeting was adjourned.