Booster Club Minutes – 5/2/17 meeting

Booster Club Minutes 5/2/17

Attendance:  Tom Campagna, Kelli Holt, Todd Fairman, Angie Rivera, Crystal Lizana, Kelly Blasé, Bob Jerard, Scharlit Ako-Brew, Michael Kiley, Raven Harris and Steve Laurin

1.  The minutes from the 4/14/17 meeting were unanimously accepted.

2.  Financial report accepted.

3.  Spring season calendar sales are up from last year.  Only had one complaint from a parent about the mandatory 3 calendars sale requirement.  Booster club made $800 more with the mandatory sales of 3.  It was suggested that more time should be given to sell the calendars.  We will be keeping the 3 sale rule for the fall and winter and then evaluating the change.

4.  Hall of Fame dinner should have 65 or more people attending.  We are reserving tables of up to 10 guests.   We need more raffle prizes, so far we have 7 baskets.  Kelli wants to have peanuts for snacks instead of a cheese platter.  Getting check from Crystal.  Kelli will be finalizing the dinner within the next few days.  Need someone to make the program.  Maybe Laura Domash?  Karen Reuter and Kim Hollenbeck can’t make awards banquet and was suggested that an AQC go?  Banquet will be on May 12th @ Ludlow Country Club, 6:00 pm.

5.  The winter season sports award ceremonies are all done.  Each team did different things.  We received feedback that each team likes having their own awards get together.  Each team having their own get together is more personable then having them all together.

6.  Looking for ideas on how to do the senior jackets presentation.  Trying to figure out when to have and to make sure the parents get to go.  Maybe after graduation, or during the academic awards?  The day and time will TBD.

7.  Tom has secured the soccer and volleyball teams for Homecoming on September 30, 2017.  Still working out details to see if Cross Country will be there as well.

8.  Bob still looking into prices and options for the JV scoreboard.

9.  Elections for new officers will be happening at next meeting in June.

10.  No new business.

11.  Next meeting: June 13th @ 5:30 pm