Booster Club Minutes

Booster Club Minutes – 3/16/17

Attendance:  Tom Campagna, Todd Fairman, Scharlit Ako-Brew, Kelly Blasé, and Kelli Holt

1.  The minutes from the 2/8/17 meeting were unanimously accepted.

2.  Financial report accepted.

3.  No update on scoreboard.

4.  Hall of Fame Inductees are:

Ed LaMothe – Coach; Joanna Whyland – Contributor; Quinsey Smith & Alex Tidland – receiving Heart Award; Cesar Sala; Blaine Bolduc; Marissa Rodriquez & Chelsea Orefice.

Dinner is all set.  Kelli Holt needs to know how many baskets.  Baskets need to be done by May 1 st .  Banquet will be on May 12th @Ludlow Country Club.  Invites for banquet will be going out through email and still deciding on how the invites will be for Inductees.  Need to find out the total of people coming to the banquet and need to have them in by May 1.

5.  Still deciding about the calendars to collect $30 upfront and until $30 is received no uniforms will be given out.  Booster club thinking of when parents sign the transportation form for sports also signing form to the selling of 3 calendars.  Tom will be changing the letter to the parents.  Tryouts starting March 20 and first games are April 3rd.

6.  Not all of the winter sport teams have had their ceremonies.  Need to send emails to the coaches regarding when they will having them.  Still working on details for giving out the Senior Jackets.  Looking like we will be having a ceremony.  Probably sometime in June.

7.  Tom has secured the soccer teams for Homecoming on September 30, 2017.  Will be working out details for volleyball and to see if Cross Country will be there as well.

8.  No new business.

9.  Next meeting:  April 4th @5:30