Booster Club Minutes – 5/2/17 meeting

Booster Club Minutes 5/2/17

Attendance:  Tom Campagna, Kelli Holt, Todd Fairman, Angie Rivera, Crystal Lizana, Kelly Blasé, Bob Jerard, Scharlit Ako-Brew, Michael Kiley, Raven Harris and Steve Laurin

1.  The minutes from the 4/14/17 meeting were unanimously accepted.

2.  Financial report accepted.

3.  Spring season calendar sales are up from last year.  Only had one complaint from a parent about the mandatory 3 calendars sale requirement.  Booster club made $800 more with the mandatory sales of 3.  It was suggested that more time should be given to sell the calendars.  We will be keeping the 3 sale rule for the fall and winter and then evaluating the change.

4.  Hall of Fame dinner should have 65 or more people attending.  We are reserving tables of up to 10 guests.   We need more raffle prizes, so far we have 7 baskets.  Kelli wants to have peanuts for snacks instead of a cheese platter.  Getting check from Crystal.  Kelli will be finalizing the dinner within the next few days.  Need someone to make the program.  Maybe Laura Domash?  Karen Reuter and Kim Hollenbeck can’t make awards banquet and was suggested that an AQC go?  Banquet will be on May 12th @ Ludlow Country Club, 6:00 pm.

5.  The winter season sports award ceremonies are all done.  Each team did different things.  We received feedback that each team likes having their own awards get together.  Each team having their own get together is more personable then having them all together.

6.  Looking for ideas on how to do the senior jackets presentation.  Trying to figure out when to have and to make sure the parents get to go.  Maybe after graduation, or during the academic awards?  The day and time will TBD.

7.  Tom has secured the soccer and volleyball teams for Homecoming on September 30, 2017.  Still working out details to see if Cross Country will be there as well.

8.  Bob still looking into prices and options for the JV scoreboard.

9.  Elections for new officers will be happening at next meeting in June.

10.  No new business.

11.  Next meeting: June 13th @ 5:30 pm

Booster Club Meeting Minutes

Booster Club Minutes – 4/4/17

Attendance:  Tom Campagna, Rick Kapinos, Crystal Lizana, Kelly Blasé, and Laura Domash

Tom gave an overview to new members Rick and Laura about the Booster Club.

1.  The minutes from the 3/16/17 meeting were unanimously accepted.

2.  Financial report accepted. Looks like everyone is in the positive.

3.  No update on scoreboard.

4.  Hall of Fame banquet is also an appreciation dinner for all athletic coaches.  Kelli Holt still needs more volunteers to make baskets.  Baskets need to be done by May 1st.  Banquet will be on May 12th @ Ludlow Country Club.

5.  Calendars have been given out and seem to have been going well with the players having to sell a minimum of 3.  Money is due Friday of this week.  Tom explaining to Rick where the money comes from for new uniforms.  Typically each team raises money for uniforms, equipment and other items in addition to what is purchased by the school.

6.  The winter season sports award ceremonies are pretty much all done.  Each team gets $150 from the raised money for their end of season party.  Cheerleading had a great end of the season ceremony, it was in the cafetorium.  Still waiting for the boys’ varsity and JV basketball to have theirs. Looks like them will be having them on Friday in student life period.  Wrestling team is having there gathering on school vacation.  Teams seem to like having their own ceremonies.

7.  Senior jackets have been ordered.  There were 47 jackets at $57 each which totals $2,679.

8.  The girls Varsity Cheerleading team made it to the Western Mass Championship.  The team will be added to the school banner with the other teams that are already on there.  Booster club will be giving the team $500 to transfer into their account for becoming Western Mass Champs instead of having a ceremony since there end of season party was so spectacular.  Basically nothing could top it.  So it makes sense just to deposit the money.

9.  Tom has secured the soccer and volleyball teams for Homecoming on September 30, 2017.  Will be working out details to see if Cross Country will be there as well.

9.  The only thing for new business is that we need to get more information out to the parents about coming to the booster club meeting.  Laura will be making invitations for the booster club meetings to give to the coaches.  Other than that we didn’t have any other new business.

10.  Next meeting: May 2 @5:30

Booster Club Minutes

Booster Club Minutes – 3/16/17

Attendance:  Tom Campagna, Todd Fairman, Scharlit Ako-Brew, Kelly Blasé, and Kelli Holt

1.  The minutes from the 2/8/17 meeting were unanimously accepted.

2.  Financial report accepted.

3.  No update on scoreboard.

4.  Hall of Fame Inductees are:

Ed LaMothe – Coach; Joanna Whyland – Contributor; Quinsey Smith & Alex Tidland – receiving Heart Award; Cesar Sala; Blaine Bolduc; Marissa Rodriquez & Chelsea Orefice.

Dinner is all set.  Kelli Holt needs to know how many baskets.  Baskets need to be done by May 1 st .  Banquet will be on May 12th @Ludlow Country Club.  Invites for banquet will be going out through email and still deciding on how the invites will be for Inductees.  Need to find out the total of people coming to the banquet and need to have them in by May 1.

5.  Still deciding about the calendars to collect $30 upfront and until $30 is received no uniforms will be given out.  Booster club thinking of when parents sign the transportation form for sports also signing form to the selling of 3 calendars.  Tom will be changing the letter to the parents.  Tryouts starting March 20 and first games are April 3rd.

6.  Not all of the winter sport teams have had their ceremonies.  Need to send emails to the coaches regarding when they will having them.  Still working on details for giving out the Senior Jackets.  Looking like we will be having a ceremony.  Probably sometime in June.

7.  Tom has secured the soccer teams for Homecoming on September 30, 2017.  Will be working out details for volleyball and to see if Cross Country will be there as well.

8.  No new business.

9.  Next meeting:  April 4th @5:30

Booster Club Minutes – 2/8/17

Booster Club Minutes 2/8/17

Attendance: Tom Campagna, Todd Fairman, Scharlit Ako-Brew, Kelly Blasé, Crystal Lizana and Kelli Holt

1. The minutes from the 1/11/17 meeting were unanimously accepted.

2. Crystal reviewed the financial report and income has much improved since last month.

3. Crystal reviewed the financial report and said the concession stand sales were going well.  Water and hot dogs are big sellers.  Keeping $500 in the raffle reserve.  Volunteers still needed for a few games.

4. Bob Jerard not at meeting so no update on scoreboard prices and options.

5. Hall of Fame Committee had 1 st meeting – it went well.  Event will take place on May 12th at the Ludlow Country Club.  Coaches’ appreciation dinner also not just a Hall of Fame banquet.  Keeping price at $20 a ticket and guest tickets will stay at $10.  Looking for volunteers to put raffle baskets together.  The value of the baskets are between $25-$50.  Kelli needs raffle baskets by May 1.

6. Couple of teams starting to plan their Awards Banquet.

7. Still working on details for giving out the Senior Jackets.  Might have a ceremony just for that, maybe during student life or other part of school day; maybe at 6 pm.

8. Still deciding about the calendars to collect $30 upfront and until $30 is received no uniforms will be given out.  Information meeting next week on beginning of spring season   Todd working on the final logistics for the calendar process.  March 20 is try outs for Spring season.

9. It is looking like September 30 will be homecoming.

10. Next meeting: March 16th @5:30

October 2016 Booster Club Meeting Minutes

Booster Club Minutes
October 19, 2016

Present: Sharlit Ako-Brew, Kelly Blase, Tom Campagna, Todd Fairman, Kelli Holt, Crystal Lizana, Tyrone Reid

* The minutes from the September 13th meeting were read and unanimously accepted.

* The financial report was distributed by Crystal Lizana and was reviewed and unanimously accepted.
* Kelli Holt gave the final report on Homecoming 2016. Over $1,200 in profit was realized in the food concession and over $300 profit in the tag sale booth. It was noted that holding the volleyball event in the back gym was a huge success as visitors were able to enjoy the match and visit booths in the area. It was also discussed that a notice to neighbors announcing the event may be a good idea in the future.

* Todd Fairman gave a final report on the fall raffle. Over $2,800 in profit was realized by the general Booster Club fund and an additional $2,800 in profit was split between the teams’ individual accounts. It was decided that $30 will be assessed to any student athlete not returning their sold / unsold tickets in the future and that winners will have 365 days from the raffle period to claim their winnings or the money will be returned to the Booster Club general fund.

* Tom Campagna indicated that the new gym floor should be completed and the facility fully open prior to 11/15.

* With regard to senior day events, it was unanimously decided that any team that has more than four seniors may utilize $25 per additional senior (from their own team funds) to pay for senior day events.

* It was unanimously decided to not allow any cotton candy to be made, sold or otherwise make its way into the concession building (The Holt Law).

* It was unanimously decided to donate $100 to the Parent Connection for their annual Trunk or Treat event.

* The fall athletic awards ceremony will be held on Monday 11/21. Refreshments will be served at 5:30 PM and the event will begin at 6:00 PM.
Meeting adjourned. Nest meeting: 11/16/16 at 5:30 PM.

Booster Club Meeting Minutes

Booster Club Minutes

September 13, 2016

Present:  Tyrone Reid, Todd Fairman, Scharlit Ako-Brew, Angie Rivera, Bob Jerard, Lynn Poehler, Kelly Holt, Crystal Lizana, Tom Campagna

1.  The minutes from the 8/17/16 meeting were ready and unanimously approved.

2.  Crystal Lizana presented the financial report and it was accepted unanimously. After a motion made and seconded and with a discussion that followed, it was unanimously decided to reserve $2,000 for 2 college scholarships for members of the class of 2017 in the amount of $1,000 each.

3.  Todd Fairman gave an update on the fall calendar raffle. Tickets are out and returns will begin to come in later this week.

4.  A general discussion ensued concerning Homecoming. Kelly requested (and it was unanimously approved) a $1,000 advance for concession purchases and a bank for the stand.  The Parent Connection will have a bounce house booth and Tom shared Gina Martin-Ryan’s coordinated plan for class and club booths for the day.  Members volunteered to work in a variety of capacities throughout the day’s events.

5.  Tom Campagna reported that the new gym floor has hit a few snags. A moisture problem stalled the project.  Work started up again today and he is projecting a hopeful completion date of 10/10/16.

6.  Tom announced that a few coaching vacancies exist for the winter season.

7.  It was also announced that a deposit has been taken for the old wrestling mat that has yet to be sold. Tom expects the sale to be completed by the end of the week.

8.  A discussion ensued about the uniform policy at school and the inability for student athletes to wear athletic gear to school.

9,  The Hall of Fame induction dinner is scheduled for Friday, May 12th at Ludlow Country Club.

10.  A discussion ensued about the number of paid coaches on each team. Tom was asked to develop a spreadsheet of some of the surrounding teams and the number of paid coaches for each sport.

11.  Next meeting: October 19th at 5:30 PM.

Booster Club Minutes – 8/17/16

Booster Club Minutes
August 17, 2016
Present: Kelli Holt, Todd Fairman, Tom Campagna, Crystal Lizana, Craig Constantinos, Tyrone Reid, Bob Jerard, Matt Smith
1.  June 9th minutes:  The minutes from the June 9th meeting were not available and
members did not remember receiving a copy.
2.  Financial Report:  Crystal Lizana gave the report and with the exception of one correction, the report was accepted.  It was voted to reallocate $275 from the girls varsity and jv volleyball accounts to the boys volleyball accounts.
3. Fall Raffle information:  Todd Fairman gave an overview of the raffle protocol for the upcoming season with dates and prizes.  It was voted to terminate the $100 selling incentive to the individual who sells the most tickets. More details at nä It was decided to add an incentive for any student who sells 30 or more tickets will receive a $50 bonus regardless of whether they are the top seller for their team or not.
4. Homecoming:  The games will be held on Saturday, September 24th .  Currently games are scheduled for girls volleyball, boys soccer and girls soccer (both jv and varsity).  We are waiting to hear from the cross country coaches whether there is a competing meet in the area on that day and if they would like to be a part of the festivities.
5. New Gym Floor:  Tom reported that a new (wood) gym floor will be installed in the main gym within the next few weeks.  This will raise some questions about care and upkeep and may impact the items sold by the concession stand during our winter athletic season.  The discussion was tabled until the installation is complete and we have more information about caring for the floor.
6. New members:  We are actively recruiting new members for the Booster Club. Parents, friends, coaches, alumni and all will be graciously received and welcomed into the club.
7. Next meeting:  September 13th at 5:30 PM

Booster Club Meeting Minutes

Booster Club Meeting Minutes
May 10, 2016
Attendance: Tom Campagna, Kelli Holt, Bob Jerard, Crystal Lizana, Lynn Poehler, Angie
1. The minutes from the April 12th meeting were unanimously approved as submitted.
2. The financial report, as prepared by Crystal Lizana, was unanimously accepted.
3. The Hall of Fame committee provided the following updates:
      a. Damani Brown, Alexis Chappell, Jaimee Collins and John Williams, III were elected            to the Hall. Raven Harris and De’Jour Washington were selected as Heart Award
           recipients. Dan Sullivan and Martha Vivian were elected to the Hall as coaches.
      b. The dinner will be held on June 12th at Ludlow Country Club. Reception begins at
          6:00 PM with dinner being served at 7:00 PM. Tickets are $20 each and include $5
          worth of raffle tickets. Coaches, inductees (and up to three guests) are admitted
          free of charge.
      c. A raffle will be held and we are actively seeking donations of “gift baskets” to use as
4. Senior jackets ($55 each) have been ordered from Whips Sporting Goods and will be
distributed at the Spring season athletic award ceremony.
5. The spring season award ceremony date has been set for 6/13. Refreshments at 5:30 PM.
6. Homecoming is beginning to take shape as games for jv and varsity boys’and girls’
soccer have been finalized for the 9/24 event. Student Life will use the event to kick-off
their school spirit week.
7. A discussion on the fall calendar raffle was tabled because Todd Fairman was absent.
8. Next month is the annual meeting and a call for interest in new members and club
officers was presented. A vacancy for secretary currently exists, although it is hoped the
other officers will continue in their current positions.
9. The next meeting was set for June 9thand the meeting was adjourned.

Athletic Hall of Fame Dinner and Induction Ceremony

You’re Invited

Please join us in congratulating this year’s Athletic Hall of Fame Recipients

Athletic Hall of Fame Dinner and Induction Ceremony


May 8, 2015

7:00 pm

Elmcrest Country Club

105 Somersville Rd., East Longmeadow, Ma.

Dinner tickets are $10.00 per person and must be paid in advance.

RSVP how many will be attending by April 27, 2015 to Tom Campagna at 413-783-2600 x121 or email  Make checks payable to SABIS® Booster Club.

It is sure to be a fun night reminiscing with our newly inducted Alumni and their families, along with raffle prizes!




David Anderson

Carlos Camacho

Andre King

Heart Award:

Michael Cobian

Kyle Popec

Contributor/Friend of Boster Club:

Lenny Houle

 Madison Pellegrino