Daily Announcement

Tryouts for all spring interscholastic athletic teams will continue today with Boys’ volleyball in the main gym from 3 – 5 pm.  Tennis for girls will be held at Ludlow Tennis Club – a bus will leave here at 2:30 PM and will return at 5:30 PM.  All students must ride the bus to Ludlow.  Softball and baseball tryouts will be held here from 3 – 6 PM.  Please dress for indoor and outdoor drills.  Boys and girls track and field will be held here from 5 – 7 PM.  Again, please dress for both indoor and outdoor drills.  Students attending the track and field tryout sessions must leave the building and return for 5 PM.  No one will be allowed to hang around unsupervised at school until track tryouts.  Good luck to everyone today.

Due to insufficient numbers of registrants we have cancelled the boys’ tennis schedule for this year.